16th June 2017

BNY Mellon's Lockwood Advisors launches new investment solution

BNY Mellon's Lockwood Advisors has developed a suite of new portfolios using American Funds® at the core. The Lockwood/American Funds Core Portfolios, created by Lockwood's investment team, combines American Funds' mutual funds with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), providing financial professionals with the opportunity to harmonize active and passive strategies to help achieve investor goals.

Lockwood/American Funds Core Portfolios, which leverages objective-based portfolios within a multi-vehicle, low cost investment solution, is designed to allow financial professionals to serve a diverse set of investors via three investment strategies aligned to various life stages:
1. Savings (appreciation),
2. Transition (balanced), and
3. Retirement (conservative growth).
The portfolios have an account minimum of $10k, offering the ability to target emerging investors.

"We are committed to bringing to market strategies that will help our clients meet the evolving demands of investors," said Joel Hempel, chief operating officer at Lockwood, an affiliate of Pershing. "This new solution brings together our portfolio construction capabilities with the American Funds family of mutual funds to provide our clients with a solution that will help them effectively manage investor goals across life cycles through a combination of active and passive strategies."