16th June 2017

Barclays launches ready-made investments

Barclays has launched its Ready-made Investments, removing the complexity from investing, allowing customers to effectively build a diversified investment portfolio by investing in individual Barclays funds.

Barclays’ Smart Investor customers can now easily select from a range of existing Barclays funds, which they can select as matched to their chosen risk profile and financial goals, making it straightforward for beginners to get started. Each fund is made up of a mix of investments across different asset classes, giving instant access to a diversified portfolio with global exposure.

In terms of financial goals, customers can choose between ‘Growth’ and ‘Income’ investments. Growth investments aim to increase the value of investments over time, whereas Income investments suit those looking for a regular income.

Clare Francis, Savings and Investments Director at Barclays, said: “Over the longer term, stock market investments have tended to perform better than cash savings (though of course, past performance of investments is not a reliable indicator of their future performance), and in the current low interest rate environment, stock market investments are one of the few ways that you might still beat inflation while growing a nest egg, albeit at the risk of loss of capital.

“However, our research shows that uncertainty about what to invest in is still one of the biggest barriers preventing people from getting started. Ready-made Investments are designed for people who understand the benefits of investing and who want the reassurance of a carefully selected range of assets, with a risk level they feel comfortable with.”