9th October 2018

NatWest Markets makes FXmicropay available on SAP Commerce Cloud

FXmicropay, a NatWest Markets service, is now available through the SAP® App Centre to help online businesses capture foreign exchange margins on cross-border sales, generate new revenue, or lower prices for their customers.

FXmicropay helps a variety of ecommerce companies to price goods and services in their customer’s local currency. It removes the risk of cross-border currency fluctuations for these businesses, while opening up the possibility for them to earn new revenue streams from retail currency margins.

Nick Pedersen, Head of FXmicropay, NatWest Markets, said: “Working with SAP in this way means businesses that use SAP Commerce Cloud have an easy and simple way to access and benefit from FXmicropay, allowing them to capture and control revenue from foreign currencies in an efficient and automated way.

“Cross-border ecommerce is growing at around 25 per cent per year globally; double the rate of domestic ecommerce growth. Ecommerce retailers are increasingly cross-border and their income streams are in multiple currencies. Better control of local currency pricing can be a cornerstone of a consistent omni-channel customer experience, and enhance consumer confidence and trust, while reducing checkout abandonment.”