14th May 2019

Swedbank proposes changes to the Board of Directors

The five largest shareholders in Swedbank AB, who also constitutes the Swedbank Nomination Committee, have requested Swedbank’s Board of Directors to call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). Göran Persson is proposed as Chairman of the Board. Furthermore, the Nomination Committee proposes new elections of Bo Magnusson and Josefin Lindstrand.

Mr Magnusson has had an extensive and successful career within SEB. He is Chairman of the Board in two Swedish banks, and a Board member in one of Belgium’s largest banks. Mr Lindstrand is an Attorney at law at the law firm Hammarskiöld & Co, and has both Swedish and international experience of working with anti-money laundering issues.

The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Bodil Eriksson, Mats Granryd, Kerstin Hermansson, Bo Johansson, Anna Mossberg and Magnus Uggla. The Swedbank Board of Directors will thus consist of nine Board members; five men and four women.

The Chairman of the Swedbank Nomination Committee, Lennart Haglund, said: “I have spoken to Swedbank’s Chairman of the Board and requested an EGM to be held before Midsummer. I am pleased to propose, on behalf of the Nomination Committee, a strong Board of Directors, which includes a number of new elections. Göran Persson is proposed as Chairman of the Board. Bo Magnusson is proposed to be appointed Vice Chairman of the Board. Additionally, we propose a new election of Josefin Lindstrand."