8th October 2019

Nomura leads green bond offering for Japan Housing Finance Agency

Nomura Securities Co, Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc, has priced a 10-year Green Bond issue valued at Y20bn and a 20-year Green Bond issue valued at Y10bn for the Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF).The JHF Green Bond is aimed at mortgage loans for energy-efficient houses. Nomura acted as bookrunner for the offering.

JHF supports the stable provision of fixed-rate housing loans to help improve the living standards of people in Japan. JHF’s products include Flat 35S, a mortgage loan that offers lower interest rates on energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant homes over a certain period of time.

The proceeds from the offering will be used for newly constructed Flat 35S-compliant houses that are exceptionally energy efficient. Through the offering, JHF aims to raise greater awareness of the initiatives in place for energy-efficient homes and further contribute to the promotion of quality housing stock.

The Nomura Group ESG Statement was published in January this year. The purpose of this statement was to further promote the realisation of a sustainable environment and society by informing stakeholders about the firm’s approach to ESG-related activities and its envisaged response to environmental and social risks.

By underwriting these types of bonds, Nomura aims to support the growth of the SDG bond market in Japan, and serve as a bridge between investors who want to contribute to society and projects with capital needs that aim to resolve social issues such as climate change. Nomura will also work to contribute to economic and sustainable social development and promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs.