29th November 2019

TSB mustn’t lose sight of the human touch, says Auriga

TSB has outlined its new strategy for growth including plans to close 82 branches and to spend £120m on improving digital channels and self-service branch locations over the next three years. Commenting, Mark Aldred, banking specialist at Auriga, said:

"TSB's investment into digital transformation is a welcome and much needed one. It is right to capitalise on modern technologies and automation as this will enable it to cut costs, optimise branches and deliver superior customer service.

“However, the bank must not lose sight of the importance of the human touch. Whether it's a first-time buyer seeking confidence from a real person in the mortgage application process or a retiree needing help with a self-service machine, there will always be a role for human beings in banking.

“Furthermore the bank must be sure to maintain access to financial services as much as possible for when things don't go to plan. Case in point – during its IT failure last week, TSB directed customers needing emergency cash to its branch network."