24th June 2022

Crédit Agricole launches its 2025 Medium-Term Plan

Dominique Lefebvre, Chairman of Crédit Agricole comments “In an opaque short term environment, our course remains very clear: to help all our customers and all our regions through situations that are, at times, difficult, and to commit ourselves as facilitators and accelerators of social and environmentaltransitions.”
Philippe Brassac, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A.says “It is now easier to think long-term than it is to predict the short-term. Thanks to our universal banking model, we continuously outperform, and this allows us to support each of our customers and to act for tomorrow. By creating two new business lines to make energy transition accessible to all, and to facilitate access to care and ageing services, we are extending our mission as shapers of the future. "
Xavier Musca, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A.addds “Our 2025 trajectory is one of amplification, based on strong organic growth potential with a target of over 1m additional customers. We will continue our efforts to equip customers, and we will launch differentiating offers that meet their new needs: entry-level products, transition support offer, new mobilities and development of technological platforms. For each business line, we will both innovate and build upon a winning strategy."
Jérôme Grivet, Deputy Managing Director of Crédit Agricole in charge of Steering Division says:
-“2025 Ambitions” is about strong growth. This is notably made possible by accelerating our technological, digital and human transformation. To this end, we are allocating E20bn to IT and digital sending over the period, including E1bn in investment programs for technological transformation.
-For Crédit Agricole this Plan aims to produce a net income of more than E6bn and to strengthen our profitability, which is already among the best in Europe, with a return on tangible equity of more than 12%. The 50% cash pay-out policy will allow us to strike the right balance between attractive remuneration for shareholders and financing of the Group’s growth."

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