14th August 2022

Admiral Group reports solid first half profits and growth despite inflationary environment

Milena Mondini de Focatiis, Group ceo comments:
“Admiral has delivered a solid set of results and good customer growth in the first half of the year. We are happy with this progress against the backdrop of a more turbulent cycle than usual, and high levels of inflation. Although, as expected, profit has decreased against last year (£251.3m compared with £482.2m), the unique conditions of the pandemic years make 2019 a better comparison-with profit and customer numbers increasing by 19% and 35% respectively since then.
“We have remained disciplined, adapting our rates in response to the higher inflation environment earlier than the market and maintaining a cautious approach to reserving, as we always do. We continue to focus on good execution through the cycle. Our strong balance sheet and focus on profitability over growth puts us on a strong footing for when conditions improve.
It is pleasing to see the majority of our growth coming from more and more customers across all of our products and geographies choosing to stay with us. We are committed to delivering great service and to support all of our customers, including those who are experiencing financial difficulty.
We have made good progress on our diversification strategy. More than half of our customer growth came from our new products and geographies, with UK Household up 18% and Admiral Money loans balances up by almost 70% whilst the business made its first small profit. We now serve 1.9 million customers across our international businesses.
I would like to thank all of my colleagues across the Group who make the business such a great place to work, and whose dedication and adaptability has enabled us to meet our 9 million customers’ needs during this period.”

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