29th September 2023

Global Crypto Adoption Index declined by almost 60% Since Q2 2021-Bankless Times

According to BanklessTimes.com, global crypto adoption declined significantly by nearly 60% since Q2'21.
The site's financial analyst, Alice Leetham, comments:

"The index, examining crypto adoption across the globe, indicates a notable decrease since 2021. Although the decline has raised major concerns across the globe, the world should also shift their lens to the escalating popularity of crypto in countries like India, Vietnam and South Africa. The popularity change is bound to bring a paradigm shift for the crypto space as adoption grows substantially."

The current crypto adoption data was achieved with the following metrics: the received country's on-chain cryptocurrency value, retail value, and Peer-to-Peer exchange trade volumes. Considering the country's purchasing power parity, the number of users, and web traffic, these metrics were used in ranking around 154 countries.

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