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21st October 2011

Chi-X Australia to launch October 31st

Chi-X Global announced that it would begin a soft-launch of Chi-X Australia on Monday October 31st following receipt of all regulatory approvals from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Chi-X will provide the first competition in Australia to the main ASX exchange.

During the initial soft launch period there will be only eight securities traded. The length of the soft launch period has not been defined with a move to full activity "upon satisfactory completion of the soft launch phase". So far 22 brokers have signed up to join the market upon launch.

Peter Fowler, Chief Operating Officer of Chi-X Australia, commented, "We are encouraged by the strong industry support we have received as we've prepared for our launch. The government’s decision to allow competition has already provided benefits, and we expect that these benefits will continue to flow to the investment community once our marketplace is fully operational.

"We would like to thank our new trading participants, vendors and the regulators for their cooperation and support in what has been a rigorous and extensive preparation process. We are excited to now shift our focus to providing our trading participants with industry-leading trading services and first-class customer support."

Chi-X Global plans to open in Brazil early in 2012.