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20th December 2011

Monitise and FIS strategic partnership

Monitise and FIS have signed a five year strategic partnership agreement. The announcement states, "The deal is a licensing, development and services agreement that will allow FIS to use Monitise's mobile banking and payments technology and helps deepen and strengthen the existing relationship between the two businesses."

This partnership follows shortly after the October deal whereby Monitise bought the 51% stake held by FIS in the US Joint venture company owned by the two. FIS was partly paid in stock and now owns 3.3% of Monitise Equity. The rationale for the two deals was not fully explained. The fact that the two are now strategic partners by means of a licencing agreement as opposed to 'real' partners in a joint venture may make it easier for Monitise to make other strategic partnership deals in other parts of the globe. It may also make it easier to put an IP value on some of the Monitise software when applied to a more specific circumstance and shorter time interval.