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18th April 2012

Accenture and Duck Creek solutions together add value

Last July, Accenture surprised the insurance software market when it announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire Duck Creek Technologies. Only four months later, it unveiled its integrated p&c software suite bringing together Accenture Claim Components and Accenture Duck Creek policy software.
Insurance Newslink called into Accenture’s London office to catch up on progress with Silvia Milian and Jonathan Rusby. Rusby said that the speedy coming together of the two offerings and the delivery options means “1+1=3”. Significantly, the prospective client base for the Microsoft .NET modular offering brings Tier 1 technology to all ranges of insurers. Duck Creek partners are staying on board and therefore, Accenture is able to offer its clients a wide range of delivery options.
Accenture Duck Creek solutions are deployed with more than 70 clients, and Accenture Claim Components with 23-together, the software is working across 36 countries. More than 200 staff have been trained on the integrated offering, across Europe, India, and the US. Demonstrations of the software are being made to clients.
Accenture Duck Creek brings software and engineering focus across policy administration, rating, rules, forms, underwriting and billing, with a broad market presence. Rating clients are quoting more than 250.000 policies a day. Accenture adds strong industry experience, specialism in claims processing and management as well as industry-leading claims software, systems integration services, SaaS and BPO offerings, offshore capability, and data centres. Accenture’s claims software processes over half of US claims across all p&c lines with a known peak catastrophe capacity of over 42,000 claims per day.
Rusby highlighted Accenture’s involvement in insurance business analytics , where the company is working with SAS. The integrated offering will include performance dashboards, trending and predictive analytics, and customer lifetime value, in addition to business intelligence/management information modules.
Insurance Newslink will be reporting on progress and future developments from this interesting combination of expertise and industry knowledge on a global scale.