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4th December 2016

Analytics for Insurance-The Real Business of Big Data

Tony Boobier’s recently published book sets a new refreshing standard by looking at the business and process of insurance across all sectors, and then examining what needs to be measured or predicted in analytical terms.He highlights the market need for business analysts that can look both ways from the middle to bring the insurance business and analytical solutions closer together-bridging the gap. The ultimate aim is to spread better and quicker decision making safely and securely across the organisation-in short, analytics in context by outlining how an insurer, and its distribution partners and customer mindset come together as the insurance markets evolve through technological advances such as telematics, and The Internet of Things.
The book is essential reading for insurance management of all levels and specialities, for students, and for IT suppliers to the insurance industry. It provides an in-depth view of risk management in its widest sense, and outlines an effective approach of what to measure and the growing range of analytical solutions, in non-technical language. The author’s wide management experience across the insurance markets and his years of advising on analytic solutions from the supplier side shine through.
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