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29th March 2011

BT launches managed secure messaging service

After a long build up BT has launched BT Managed Secure Messaging. It is available to all financial institutions and "allows the financial community to exchange messages securely, reliably and in a non-repudiable manner over BT private networks and the Internet for all of their business activities."

It is believed to meet all security requirements for banks, clearing houses security depositories etc. In addition to the security aspects BT is keen to emphasise that it can save money too. It argues that costs can be cut by increasing the automation of message processing, reducing messaging failures and the manual administrative expense of correcting them.

The service informs both parties when a message has been recieved and confirms that the message is correct. The service from the Radianz and Payments division used hardware at both end to control enctyption / decryption.

José Antonio Martinez, managing director of Radianz and Payments, BT said: "Data integrity, security and trust are major issues for financial institutions globally. Hackers aren't just trying to access financial institutions' data, they are trying to change it into new data which they might use to damage the targeted firm or seek financial gain. By combining the security and reliability of BT's managed network services, where we support the world's largest secure networked financial community, with Codel's Digital Notary service we can ensure 100 per cent data integrity across the whole financial supply chain."