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5th August 2011

Useful stats on the UK smartphone market

The UK Communications regulator, OfCom has reported on a survey it commissioned into smartphone ownership and usage. The lessons for any business that had not already realised, are the importance of the sector, how fast it is growing, and that usage is displacing other media usage.

27% of adults and 47% of teenagers have a smartphone. The definition was not provided other than a reference to "devices such as iPhones, Blackberrys and Android phones" (no mention of Microsoft). iPhones were found to be the most popular amongst adults and Blackberrys amongst teenagers. 37% of adult smartphone users and 60% of teenage users admitted to being addicted to their smartphone. Addiction was defined from a self rating scale netween 1 and 10 where 10 was completely addicted and the number is of those rating themselves between 7 and 10. Addiction activity examples included using the phone where they were told they should not, using it at work, using it in the toilet and first thing when they woke up. 81% leave their phone on all of the time.

Owners said smartphone usage had displaced other activities such as television watching and reading. More than half of owners had acquired their smartphone within the last 12 months.

The full report can be read at: