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27th September 2011

Market estimate for cybercrime losses in North America

A reports issued by Aite, the analyst company, estimates losses from cybercrime in North America will be around $210m this year, rising to $371m by 2015. The report is the result of three separate studies and conversations with 40 vendor organisations.

There are expected to be 20m strains of malware released this year rising to 87m by 2015. Julie Conroy McNelley, senior analyst with Aite Group and co-author of the report said: "It is much easier to be a successful bad guy than a successful good guy; a criminal who is successful in one of 100 attempts will make off with a tidy sum," she said. "Banks, on the other hand, must seek perfection in their attempts to protect themselves and their customers."

Conroy went on to say that a number of approaches developed by the industry were proving successful.