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27th September 2011

Capital One social gaming spend

Capital One has entered into a wider deal with Zynga to establish a presence on some of its social gaming platforms and interact with the social gamers. Capital One had previously experimented with FarmVille and as well as returning to this game is also entering CityVille and the Pioneer Trail.

FarmVille and Pioneer Trail gamers will be able to interact with the goat that appears in Capital One adverts whilst CityVille players will be able to place a Capital One bank branch in their city.

"We look for iconic brands that enhance the in-game experience and deliver value to our players, and Capital One is a brand that many of our players know, recognize, and use every day," said Jeff Karp, Chief Marketing and revenue Officer at Zynga. "This marks the first time a company is offering in-game brand engagements across multiple Zynga studios at the same time, and adding Capital One retail banks to CityVille is a great fit."

CityVille is Zynga's largest game on Facebook and has recently been added to Google+ gaming. The press release did not make clear how long the deal would last between Capital One and Zynga. It might be reasonable to expect that any significant business benefit could only arise from a long term presence.