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4th November 2011

Coutts branding

Coutts has dropped mentions of its parent's name on its website other than where legally required. The same makeover is following on paper and in branches.

The only real questions that arise is why anyone introduced the heavy RBS branding in the first place, and once introduced why this was not removed before now. Even before RBS's troubles, the idea of mixing the branding of one of the oldest and most famous private bank brand's with a mass market retail bank brand was one of the poorest marketing decisions imaginable. This error was multiplied in 2008 when Coutts was officially rebranded RBS Coutts.

Historic notes:

- Coutts Bank can trace its roots back further than can the Bank of England. It is known in the UK as the Queen's banker. It has been banker to the Royal family since the 18th century.

- National Westminster Bank acquired Coutts Bank in stages around 1990 and was then in turn acquired by Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000.