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15th November 2011

MasterCard and Intel online & NFC security alliance

MasterCard and Intel have formed an alliance to provide more secure payment forms. This is understood to cover NFC (contactless) and internet, whatever device is used.

The companies have not yet released details as to how new services will work. There is an indication that this could include the use of a unique identified within the chip (which we know Intel can do) as one part of a two factor authentication. Intel do not currently have a large share of the mobile phone chip market however. The companies are also understood to be looking at new contactless card readers for POS.

"MasterCard is constantly working to improve the shopping experience for consumers and merchants," said Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer, MasterCard. "The collaboration with Intel will deliver enhanced security and faster checkout – with the convenience of a simple click or tap. This partnership is about how to make the payments process more secure without having to change the experience of consumer."