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15th November 2011

Credit Agricole / Visa microSD NFC contactless payment

Crédit Agricole and Visa Europe are to operate a NFC contactless payments experiment in Caen. The experiment is specifically for iPhone owners who will be provided with a special iPhone case that includes a built in MicroSD card which has the NFC and related software included. An App must then be downloaded from the iPhone store. The trial is to take place between December 2011 and June 2012.

Bringing the phone within 5cms of the payment terminals will allow payments of up to €20 without further authentication. Cedicam is the local Crédit Agricole subsidiary involved in the pilot. Gemalto customised the MicroSD cards and the dedicated iPhone case is provided by DeviceFidelity.

This pilot follows different contactless pilots in Nice last year and in Strasbourg earlier this year. The bank and Visa emphasise that all communications and data stored are encrypted and the user is guaranteed against fraud in the same way as card users enjoy.