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25th November 2011

Social media central to SunGards mobile platform

SunGard launched Ambit MyMoney this week, 'an integrated online and mobile banking platform'. The platform recognises the importance of social media and offers significant social media functionality. This includes

- integration with social networking sites allowing customers to follow bank feeds and 'like' products and services

- Allowing customers the option to be kept informed using these channels.

- allowing customers to share financial savings tips with each other

- allowing secure feedback to the bank.

The platform offers all of the usual financial and non-financial transaction capabilities. It has retail and business modules with the business module offering cash management functionality, role-based authority for users, variable limits, batch payments, salary payments and maker-checker features with multiple levels of approval. There are additional widgets to add functionality such as FX.

David Hamilton, president of SunGard's Banking business, said, "Many consumers now see virtual channels as the primary window into their relationships with service providers, including their banks. The challenge for banks is how to meet these changing consumer demands. SunGard's Ambit MyMoney is an additive banking solution that helps banks offer highly personalized banking to their customers, to help them build more profitable relationships and deliver a seamless experience, no matter which mobile channel the customer chooses to use."