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9th December 2011

Launch of Western Union Small Business Payments

Western Union has launched Western Union Small Business Payments, an online payment acceptance and accounts receivable service. The payments solution, available nationwide in the United States, delivers payment processing, automated invoicing, recurring billing, customer management and reporting, in one integrated payment suite for small-to-medium business owners.

"Western Union understands the need for business owners to invoice and accept payments in a timely, efficient manner to optimize their cash flow and keep their businesses healthy," said Victoria Lopez-Negrete, senior vice president and general manager, North America, Western Union. "With Western Union, small-to-medium sized businesses, which continue to play a vital role in the U.S. economy, can manage their businesses more efficiently."

It is perhaps surprising that the retail banks in the United States have not been willing to put in place the infrastructure themselves and are leaving the market space for third parties to exploit.