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9th December 2011

Algorithmics reporting for wealth management

Alorithmics has launched a new suite of front-end reporting software for wealth management which includes regulatory reporting requirements. The solution is available in two versions and an enterprise offering for in-house deployment. The monitoring and reporting version offers the collection and validation of instrument terms and conditions and maps risk/return characteristics. The standard version offers in addition long-term simulations and automated individual client reporting including exception alerts.

Paolo Sironi, senior director of wealth management solutions at Algorithmics, believes that: "For the first time, wealth managers are able to have actionable insight into the risks and opportunities inherent in their clients' portfolios, especially those with structured products. Our solution provides insight into how these actions should drive investment decision-making in order to meet clients' investment objectives over multiple time periods. Clients will be able to capitalise on improved risk awareness in order to optimize return; this is a leading factor which will differentiate individual wealth managers in the industry."

IBM completed on its purchase of Algorithmics in October 2011.