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28th February 2012

ANZ intensive business mentoring programme

ANZ has linked with Innovyz to give a number of small businesses an intensive business mentoring programme which includes an equity investment by Innovyz in the businesses. The programme requires the business owners to be in Adelaide for the 3 month length of the programme.

The ANZ Innovyz START programme is modelled on the US TechStars programme.

Commenting on ANZ’s partnership with Innovyz, ANZ General Manager for Small Business, Nick Reade said: “Our support for this program forms part of ANZ’s commitment to the Australian small business sector. We’re also a strong supporter of the start up segment, having an approval rate of around 80 per cent for ANZ start up loan applications.
“The Australian small business sector contributes almost half of Australia’s private sector jobs, and while many are very successful, there are some which are having a tough time at present, and the sector continues to need investment and support.
“This program is about fostering growth and innovation in small business, and accelerating the development of start-up companies who really need that initial leg-up to get going.
“Whether you’re a new small business, or just someone with a great innovative idea, it’s about having the right support, mentoring and skills to get off the ground. The ANZ Innovyz START program is all about creating a launch pad for these people by giving them the expertise and funding to grow and commercialise their business,” Mr Reade said.

Businesses have until the 20th April to apply with the programme starting on the 28th May of this year.