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15th May 2012

SEPA survey with focus on corporates

Finextra and Clear2Pay have published a survey of bank views on Sepa payments. Overall whilst banks profess confidence on delivering the Sepa-wide payments and credits systems by the deadline date there appears a lot still required to be done. The deadline set is February 1st 2014.

Some highlights of the survey are:

- 1 Bank welcome the clarity of a fixed delivery date

- 2 The banks say it is the biggest payments project they must deal with however one-third have not increased their payments project resource size

- 3 Banks are concerned that there is no single body responsible for all regulatory and specification aspects

- 4 Banks believe gaining the Sepa payments business of their corporate customers is key. Less than half of banks have consulted their corporate customers about the coming services and what their clients are looking for regarding pan-European payments.

-5 There is the belief that many banks will still decide to sub-contract payments to other parties rather than build their own. Also that corporates will focus their payments through fewer banks in future.

The survey can be found at: